Set up Java to use applets (Windows)

CAUTION: Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome no longer support Java-applets. In case of recent browsers applets only work in Mozilla Firefox (probably until mid 2017). Only with older browsers (like Internet Explorer until version 11) it remains possible to run the applets.

Be sure to have the latest Java-version installed on your computer.

Following settings have to be executed only once

Open the control-panel and select Java or select Windows Start - Java - Configure Java.

Image 1 configure Java

Open tab page [Security].
Be sure that "Enable Java content in the browser" is checked and change the security level as low as possible but not lower than "medium".

Image 2 configure Java

It is also necessary to set an exception for the domain you want to run applets from, in my case So click on [Edit Site List], then click [Add] enter the domain and click [OK]. The exception is registered as can be seen in the image above. Remark: exceptions might to be set in another tabpage than security (for instance advanced). That depends on the Java version.

From now on it is possible to run applets after acknowledgement of the user.

Following settings needs to be done for every Java-applet

When opening a web page containing a Java-applet a pop-up appears to confirm execution of the applet. Click [Run this time].

Image 3 configure Java

Check "I accept the risk" enabling the button [Run]. Click the button [Run] to launch the applet.

Image 4 configure Java

Have fun using the applet...